What can I do if my adult tooth is loose?

When you’re a child and a tooth becomes loose, there’s lots of excitement and nervousness that comes with it. You’re going to lose a tooth, and a grown up tooth will take its place! Money is going to appear under your pillow very soon! When you’re an adult, the reaction is a little different.

Relieving TMJ pain

For those with Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, life can get painful. If you have dealt with TMJ, you know that tight, painful feeling you get when performing basic tasks like eating and talking.

Stop Grinding Teeth

It’s not uncommon for dentists to encounter patients who grind their teeth.

The predominantly involuntarily habit of grinding teeth typically occurs at night and as a result of stress, although even children as young as ten-years-old have been identified as teeth grinders. Unchecked, teeth grinding or “bruxism,” as it’s referred to in the dental world can cause pain and discomfort and may potentially loosen the teeth. At Hospital Dental Group, Dr. Anatoliy Ravin works with patients regularly to help them to stop grinding teeth and keep their smile beautifully intact.