Quick Dental Tips for Mom

With Mother’s Day swiftly approaching, we decided to write a blog about you, mothers. We know that motherhood is a tough job, with carpools, play dates, errands, having a job, it’s packed full! So to you mom’s we present 3 quick ways to keep you AND your children’s teeth nice and clean every day!

Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day!

As a child the tooth fairy was probably a very fond memory of yours. The all knowing magical fairy that swooped in during a traumatizing time of your life (well, maybe not for you but I was terrified of losing teeth) who took your teeth in exchange for money or small gifts. Sadly one day we grew up realized that it had been our parents or guardian all along.This taught us a great lesson though, kids love the tooth fairy! This February 28th spend some time with your children and have some fun teching them about the tooth fairy!