chocking teen trend: DIY braces

You Won’t Believe This New Trend That’s Ruining Teen’s Teeth

A bizarre new online trend has begun rising that’s giving parents a reason to be wary; DIY braces. When you say it out loud you probably think “How could that ever go right?”. The answer is a little complicated, because the most notable example of this practice was, in fact, a success. This success is what lent the trends newfound popularity (despite the video originating in 2012) but it’s causing more headaches than solutions to crooked teeth.

Mouthwash – Does it Work?

We’ve all been at the grocery store or CVS, staring at the toothpaste until we see the one we like.  After grabbing it, we notice a large display to either side selling what appears to be hundreds of gallons of mouthwash. Some of us grab it on instinct and use it regularly, and others pass it by without a second thought. Think about it though, why is this clearly popular product something that so many are willing to walk by? Are the benefits as effective as the colorful labels would lead you to believe? The answer like all things, might not be exactly what you expect!

3 Quick Facts About Dental Sports Injuries

As May comes to a close it’s best we highlight that May was National Physical Spots Month. Something not very talked about but still important for us! Being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and helps in every area of life! Today though, we want to focus on the risks of sports-related injuries. It’s been reported that 13-39% (yes that’s a broad statistic, sorry) of all dental injuries are sports related. I think we can all imagine why, but here are three important facts about sports related injuries that can help knock that number down a few pegs (and hopefully make it much less of a spread!).