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Dr. Ravin is part of my family. From the first day I met him he made me feel welcome. Mind you, I was so scared of the dentist. I haven’t been to one in years and he changed my life. There are no words to say how he and his crew are the best family anyone could ask for.  – Joanne Santos


Case Summary

Dennis has been a patient of the Hospital Dental Group since 1975 and it’s the attentive patient care and the family atmosphere that keep him coming back. Even in an emergency situation Dr. Ravin and his amazing staff went above and beyond to remedy Dennis’ abcessed tooth and all the while maintaining that fun, familiar atmosphere Hospital Dental Group has become known for!


Case Summary

Here at Hospital Dental Group we believe dentistry can change people’s lives. Joanne Santos is a great example of this. Joanne’s smile had reached the poitn where it was not only a major health concern but something that deeply affected her self-esteem and confidence. Listen to her as she told about the amazing care, technology, and skill that gave her a new smile and a new life.


Case Summary

Coleman Levy is a busy man and doesn’t like to waste his time, which is why Hospital Dental Group is his dental office of choice. Mr Levy knows he can count on Dr. Ravin and his team of amazing professionals to deliver care and quality every time with the convenience of being in downtown Hartford. CT, right in the center of the professional world. Coleman had a dental implant done and was back at the office the same day as if nothing had happened.


Janet Tabora-Davis

Lakisha Mobley