Your mouth (and smile) deserves to have strength and longevity for the years to come. So as you’re planning your visit for cosmetic dentistry Hartford CT has some of the best professionals willing to work with you. This is where dental crowns can come into play, as these can improve on the life of your original teeth despite any minor cracking or damage that they might have received as a result of an accident. Here are some key factors to know when it comes to crowns.

  1. What Are Dental Crowns?
    Dental crowns are prosthetic devices used to cement onto existing teeth and implants, which covers and caps a damaged tooth. This is why people will often seek options in well-rounded cosmetic dentistry in Hartford CT. They’re often made of porcelain or ceramic materials, as they are durable and designed to last for extended periods of time. Other materials used could include gold and metal alloys, which are common for adding to back teeth.
  2. Uses of Dental Crowns
    In addition to improving a smile, crowns serve more than just an aesthetic use. Those that may be suffering from a fractured tooth, or weak teeth with a predisposition of cracking, will benefit from a crown’s strength and protective properties. They also serve to cover teeth that are dental implants, or ones that have been treated with a root canal. The practicality of a crown varies from tooth to tooth, depending on what each mouth needs.
  3. Crown Pre-Process
    If you’re looking into crowns from cosmetic dentistry Hartford CT, you may be curious as to how to advance the process. It will start with an initial consultation, with an analysis to the current state of your teeth and gums. The dental professional will plan for a minimum of 2 visits for the procedure itself, which will take place over the course of about a month. They will provide you with the information you need before the first procedure, such as any dietary information and the best practices for maintenance.
  4. Crown Installation Process
    A cosmetic dentist in Hartford, CT will begin the procedure by numbing the area around the affected teeth. The dental professional takes an impression of your teeth, and uses that impression to build a custom crown designed to fit the desired area. A temporary crown is used in the meantime, which gets removed for the final permanent crown application. The dentist uses an adhesive to both keep it in place and wrap up the process, giving you the responsibility of being smart with maintenance and proper dental hygiene.

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