If you have ever looked into restorative dentistry, you know there are many options when it comes to restoring your smile.

A crown will restore a tooth to its natural shape, color, and size, in addition to improving the tooth’s strength. If properly cared for, dental crowns are the longest-lasting type of cosmetic dental restoration.

When do I Need a Dental Crown?

There are multiple cases in which the dental crowns may be necessary. These cases may include:

  • A weak tooth that needs protection
  • A broken tooth
  • A worn-down tooth
  • A discolored tooth that needs to be covered
  • A tooth that needs cosmetic attentio

If any of these apply to you, Hospital Dental Group can help you through the dental crown process and restore your tooth back to maximum health.

What is the Dental Crown Process?

Hospital Dental Group specializes in the dental crown process as part of its expert service in dental implants. The procedure is divided into two main parts, which are done over two dental visits. During the first dental visit, we will:

  • Assess the tooth to ensure it can support a dental crown
  • Reduce the size of the tooth so a crown can fit over it
  • Take an impression of the teeth and gums
  • Fit a temporary crown over the tooth until your next visit

After you leave with your temporary crown, we will send the impressions to a lab to make the permanent dental crown. When it’s ready, we’ll schedule your next dental visit, where we will:

  • Remove the temporary crown
  • Position the new, permanent crown
  • Attach the crown with a special adhesive cement

After the new crown is in place, it will function just like a regular tooth. Once you get used to it, you may forget it’s even there!

Caring for Your Dental Crown

After you get a dental crown, there are a few steps you can take to ensure its longevity. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends brushing twice a day and flossing in addition to  regular dental visits to keep the crown clean. The Academy also recommends avoiding grinding and chewing ice or hard foods to prevent damage to the dental crown. Although a dental crown is said to last five to eight years, proper care can extend its life far beyond that.  

With all of the benefits that come with them, dental crowns may be the right choice for you. So if you are looking for dental crowns near Hartford, CT, visit us at Hospital Dental Group!