Porcelain Crowns


Today, modern dentistry affords natural looking, durable and lasting dental crown options. Rather than metal alloys and gold caps, advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made porcelain crowns a more common, attractive treatment solution for covering compromised teeth. At Hospital Dental Group, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most innovative and lasting cosmetic dentistry services. We want to make sure that your porcelain crowns not only last, but also retain their beautiful appearance.


Porcelain Crowns—Uses and Advantages

Dr. Anatoliy Ravin routinely places porcelain crowns on teeth that have been compromised. Crowns help reinforce damaged teeth and prevent further harm from occurring. Porcelain crowns are especially effective for dental patients who: Porcelain Veneers

  1. Have a discolored tooth or teeth that could benefit from a brighter, whiter, natural porcelain crown
  2. Need a dental implant covered and protected (often following a root canal procedure)
  3. Have a large cavity that is too large to fill
  4. Need a tooth or teeth covered due to cracking or breaking
  5. Have a bridge that needs additional support

There are several advantages of porcelain crowns, which include:

  1. Providing patients with a natural-looking restoration that matches the look and feel of their real teeth
  2. Creating a protective barrier of the tooth to prevent further damage
  3. Offering patients longevity by not requiring a replacement for years to come
  4. Allowing crown recipients to eat and drink normally with few to no restrictions
  5. Giving dental patients an attractive, confidence-boosting solution that typically does not discolor or wear down easily

The best way to know for sure if you could benefit from receiving porcelain crowns is to schedule a consultation. During your examination, Dr. Ravin will inform you of how the dental crown procedure works, what to expect before and after, and how to best care for your porcelain crown(s).


Porcelain Crowns Dos and Don’ts

Most people want their dental work to last. At Hospital Dental Group, we make sure to educate to our patients on how to best care for their porcelain crowns. To extend the longevity of your crown(s), here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Avoid eating hard foods and ice
  2. Stay away from sticky gummies and candies (especially when wearing a temporary crown)
  3. Wear a special mouthguard if you experience routine bruxism (teeth grinding) to protect the crown
  4. Brush twice daily for best hygiene practices to keep the crown surface clean, as well as the supporting teeth
  5. Utilize interdental cleaning tools to clear debris and eliminate plaque from the crown area

Dr. Ravin will provide additional tips to help maximize your recovery following a porcelain crown procedure and extend the life of your crown(s). If you think you may be a candidate for a porcelain crown or would like to schedule an examination with Dr. Ravin, contact us any time at 860-524-5194.