Let’s be honest, going to the dentist isn’t always a favorite task. When it comes to dental care for you and/or your family, if you have to sit in that infamous chair, you want it to be at a place you can count on – a place that offers personalized dental care in a compassionate, informative and professional way.

Is there such a place? A place to find the best dentist Hartford CT residents rely upon for their individual and family dental needs? You bet!

Discover the Best Dentist Hartford CT Residents Trust for ALL their Dental Needs

In your search for the best dentist Harford CT has to offer, you may have run into dentistry locations that are costly, don’t offer the services you need or appear to not reflect the kind of professionalism and friendliness you’d prefer.

Not to worry, Hospital Dental Group, located in Hartford, strives to provide each and every patient the time, attention and optimal dental health he/she deserves. We also offer a variety of services to include:

  • Family dentistry – our team of friendly, professional hygienists will provide any and all members of the family a thorough examination, walking them through the process every step of the way. Once complete, Dr. Ravin will share feedback from the exam and offer any necessary treatment options, as well as recommendations for optimum gum and tooth health moving forward.
  • Cosmetic dentistry – who doesn’t love a healthy, happy smile? Hospital Dental Group wants you to have the smile you’ve always dreamed of. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental options including porcelain crowns and veneers; porcelain inlay and onlays; and bleach and whitening.
  • Orthodontic dentistry – 3D imaging technology helps us to make digital impressions of your teeth to create Invisalign “aligners” personally made for you to help straighten teeth – typically they only need to be worn 2-3 weeks (depending on individual treatment plans).
  • Implant dentistry – We have a number of dental implants to offer patients, including single implant; 2 implants and a bridge; implants with locators; relining dentures; complete reconstruction; and fixed bridges/hybrid prosthesis. Dr. Ravin will help you find the best fit for functionality and a fantastic smile.

Why we Believe Doing Our Best will Make you Our Happiest Guest

Having abundant dental services available in one location is certainly beneficial, but what other advantages does Hospital Dental Group have to offer? In addition to a variety of treatments and exceptional customer care, Hospital Dental Group is affordable and we accept most forms of insurance.

Our ultimate mission is to make sure you are getting the care, comfort and cost-effective options that you deserve! We also believe in passing on kindness, that’s why for each new patient, we make a $25 donation toward For the Love of Jack, an outreach program that enables families and the elderly to keep their pets.

To learn more about why Hospital Dental Group is the best dentist Hartford CT residents trust the most, please contact us today at 860-265-8391.


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