It doesn’t get any better than this!

It can be intimidating when thinking about the potential of piling medical bills during stressful financial times. That’s why the best Hartford CT dentist group has created a means to remove much of the burden, with Hospital Dental Group’s SmilePlan! Engaging in this private plan has a host of benefits, and here are a few to consider as you think about the future of your beaming smile.

  1. Great for Individuals and Families
    Whether you’re seeking the best Hartford, CT dentist on your own, or looking for a group to handle multiple patients, this plan fully serves all of those that apply. New patients receive a comprehensive exam, as well as a periodic exam for up to 3 times a year, at no extra cost.Plus, you can take advantage of 3 adult teeth cleanings a year while still remaining fully covered.
  2. Save on Specific Heavier Services
    While the basics are fully covered, you may find yourself needing the best dentist in Hartford, CT to help with additional services. The SmilePlan covers up to 50% on procedures like sealants, as well as up to 30% on heavy-duty options like root canals and implants. Plus, each membership gets the bonus of saving $1000 on licensed services like the application of Invisalign invisible braces!
  3. Save with Each Family Member Added
    If your family is looking to be covered by an affordable insurance plan, the SmilePlan offers savings with each addition. The first to join will have to pay $350 for the year, which is reasonable within today’s fluctuating state of insurance. However, the second member will only cost $250, while each subsequent addition will only cost an extra $150 for each person. And this comes with all of the benefits listed above!
  4. Easy to Apply
    Instead of waiting for the online marketplace to load, or enrolling in additional insurance plans at work during the open enrollment, the SmilePlan has a much simpler application process.The application form can be found online, and can also be processed through the website as well. And if you need time to go over all of the information, the form and brochure are available as downloadable PDFs, which means you can easily take it with you to discuss with your partner.

Does the SmilePlan sound too good to be true? The best dentists in Hartford, CT are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact us today!


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