There are plenty of factors to consider when searching for a dentist in Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT. You’ll certainly want to be working with a dental professional with years of experience under their belts, and a bedside manner that best matches your expectations. But how important is a dentist’s full range of services? Take a look at these differing types of services to see how they can affect you, and what they offer as a means to improve that smile.

  1. Family Dentistry
    If you’re looking for a consistent dentist in Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT, you’ll want an expert in family dentistry. Family dentistry is the perfect means of protecting the teeth of your whole family, and allows you a consistent dental professional to visit. It’s far more convenient to have a dentist that has the opportunity to take on visits for an entire family than to find age-specific specialists.
  2. General Dentistry
    General dentistry is another important focus for when you’re seeking out a new dentist in Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT. This is the process of providing patients with services that are intended to improve aesthetics and a general well-being. It can be a simpler service such as teeth whitening, which is the process of brightening teeth through the use of hydrogen peroxide gel-activated solutions. Or it could involve adding porcelain veneers to fix a broken or chipped tooth. These options can make all the difference when you’re in a dental bind.
  3. Reconstructive Dentistry
    A Hartford Hospital dentist knows just how crucial reconstructive dentistry can be when it comes to the health of your mouth. This form of dental work often lends itself to the addition of implants, which can improve functions such as chewing. It’s also an important factor when discussing the need for partial or complete dentures, both an aesthetic and practical use. With the goal to return your mouth to its original or normal appearance, reconstruction services can be vital.
  4. Dental Maintenance
    From teeth cleanings to general check-ups, dental maintenance is the most popular service offered by dentists. Those that are general practitioners of dental maintenance have the ability to check each tooth for cavities and any growth issues, as well as applying full teeth and gum cleanings during regular visits. It’s also the perfect opportunity for dental professionals to evaluate the current health of your mouth, and any procedures that may have to come down the line.

Finding a dentist in Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT doesn’t have to be a chore. Please contact Hospital Dental Group and we will gladly work with you towards improving the look and feel of your teeth!


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