According to 2017 statistics, approximately 66 million Americans use dentures. Tooth loss can occur as a result of any number of issues ranging from genetics and trauma to poor dental hygiene and infection. At Hospital Dental Group we provide the highest quality dentures, using cutting edge procedures to make your smile shine and your teeth functional.

Better Dentures than Ever Before

Again, the gift of time, progress, and innovation has afforded the dental industry new and more precise means of denture design and functionality. At HDG, we offer four types of denture options, including:

Immediate Dentures

For damaged teeth in need of replacement, Dr. Ravin can immediately supply a denture—even on the same day so you’re never without teeth.

Partial Dentures

This option utilizes an appliance secured to natural teeth to replace a section of missing teeth.

Denture Replacement

Our dentists’ extensive education and expertise can provide you with a denture that is better fitting, more comfortable and provides outstanding function.

Implant Supported Dentures

denturesAn implant-supported denture is a denture that is held in place using dental implants, is the best solution for maximum health and function. Special attachments allow these dentures to be attached securely to the implant, to expressly avoid slipping, discomfort, or need for special adhesives. Patients who have made the switch from traditional dentures to implant-supported dentures also notice an improvement in speech and the ability to feel temperature and texture better while eating.

Many modern dentures are made from porcelain or different varieties of resin such as acrylic (most commonly used). At HDG we utilize the most up-to-date materials and methods to create your customized dentures. Once Dr. Ravin makes an impression of your gums he can use it as a mold. The mold will help design a plate to fit comfortably in the mouth, match the natural coloration of the gumline and will help ensure a good fit.

Potential Problems Associated with Missing Teeth

Aside from the aesthetics of missing teeth, there are functional factors to consider. Missing teeth create both emotional and physical discomfort. Whether you are missing all or some of your teeth, the result can lead to the sagging of facial muscles, negatively affect your speaking ability, and cause malocclusion or a change in bite.

It may take awhile to adjust, but once initial soreness has subsided you’ll likely be pleased with the look, feel, and function of your new dentures. Don’t worry if it feels like you have excess saliva or as if your dentures are loose. Chewing smaller amounts of food and doing your best to evenly distribute food on both sides of your mouth will help. Once you acclimate, you’ll be able to eat normally and speak clearly. Dr. Ravin will check in with you during follow-up appointments to assess the fit of your dentures and help make any necessary adjustments.

Extending the Longevity of Dentures

To extend the life of your dentures and ensure maximum dental hygiene, it’s important to incorporate a good homecare routine, including:

  • Soak dentures in cool water (hot water can cause warping) when not in use to keep them from drying out and losing their shape
  • Brush your gums, cheeks, the roof of your mouth, and tongue with a soft-bristled brush before replacing dentures back in your mouth
  • Brush dentures gently after putting them back in your mouth to prevent staining
  • Follow suggestions from Dr. Ravin on appropriate, ADA approved adhesives to secure your dentures (if needed)
  • Avoid toothpaste and any harsh cleaning agents and only use dentist-recommended cleaners to prevent scratching or damage
  • Although you can sleep with dentures, it’s advisable to remove them and soak them overnight
  • Stay away from chewing gum or sticky foods

HDG is Here to Help

Do you have any questions regarding immediate dentures, partial dentures, implant-supported dentures, or denture replacement? If so, we’d love to help you find the perfect solution. Call us today at 860-524-5194 for a consultation. Dr. Ravin will provide a full examination to determine what type of denture is best for you.