Personalized Family Dentistry in Downtown Hartford

It’s one thing to find a dentist you can trust, feel comfortable with and who practices the most innovative approaches to dental care. It’s an entirely different experience finding a family dentistry practice that can deliver optimum dental care and comprehensive services. At Hospital Dental Group, we offer more than individualized dental care and expertise for children, adults and patients with special needs—we create lasting, personal relationships with each member of your family.

In an age where it’s common to feel more like a number than a person, it’s never been more important for a family dentist to strive for more personalized patient care. Under the leadership of Dr. Anatoliy Ravin, who has traveled the world to provide free dental services to lacking populations, the entire team and administrative staff of HDG are dedicated to not simply knowing your teeth—but knowing your name!

While we make it our mission to get to know you and your family, we encourage you to learn more about our extensive list of family dentistry options.

Adult Dental Services

In addition to taking digital X-Rays and intra-oral photographs, followed by an extensive cleaning, Dr. Ravin will conduct a full examination of your teeth and gums to ensure maximum dental hygiene AND overall positive health.

Benjamin Franklin believed that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and so do we. That’s why our hygienists are skilled in assessing and identifying any presence or potential indication of periodontal disease. Practicing preventive dentistry is one of the best ways to keep periodontal disease at bay.

At HDG we use modern, more superior composite resin fillings opposed to their antiquated metal predecessors to help reinforce teeth, while also providing a natural appearance.

Whether wisdom teeth need to be removed, or space for an implant is required, Dr. Ravin and team apply the latest approaches to oral surgery including numbing agents and sedation to make the process as pain-and-anxiety free as possible.

We offer long-lasting, natural-looking ceramic porcelain crowns to protect a tooth subject to breaking or cracking, to attach a dental bridge, and to restore a tooth following a root canal. Dr. Ravin also offers CEREC same-day crowns in the event your schedule demands expedited treatment.

In the event teeth need to be replaced, we offer a number of solutions from bridges to partials and dentures, including immediate dentures and denture replacements.

There’s good news for those suffering from TMJ and similar forms of mouth trauma. Dr. Ravin will do all he can to help re-establish a healthy bite, restore balance, and help you feel better on the inside and outside.

To prevent a tooth from being extracted, Dr. Ravin will remove all diseased tissue at the root to stop the spread of infection and restore the tooth to back to its healthy, functioning state.

Sports and nighttime teeth grinding can pose issues surrounding the enamel and integrity of teeth. That’s why HDG is happy to create custom, comfortable mouth and night guards to cushion the upper and lower teeth from risk of grinding.  

Sleep apnea and TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction) can disrupt sleep and create other cumbersome issues like snoring, fatigue, choking and more. Dr. Ravin can help by assessing the culprit of sleep interruptions and difficulties and provide you with a solution, including a customized SomnoDent MAS appliance or the Silent Nite® appliance.

Checkups and Care for Children of Every Age

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a first pediatric dental visit no later than age one? The earlier your child becomes accustomed to visiting the dentist, the less anxiety he/she will have. At HDG we understand and value the intricacies of treating every stage of childhood from infancy to adolescence. Our smaller family dentistry patients appreciate having a comfortable, safe and fun environment to look forward to visiting – and our flavored toothpastes and fluoride treatments certainly help too!

By age four children will receive their first dental X-Rays and by age six, their first panoramic X-RAY. This will help Dr. Ravin determine the presence of any cavities hiding between teeth and how the teeth are developing (including the possibility of malocclusion.)

During pediatric visits, whether for a cleaning or treatment, we’ll make sure that parent and child are equipped with everything they need to keep smiles bright and happy. This includes empowering caregivers with education on preventative strategies and homecare dental hygiene best practices.

Giving Back Jack (and Much More)

On top of the most advanced family dentistry care, techniques, and technology, Dr. Ravin and the HDG team are beloved within the community for their philanthropic spirit. For every patient referral a $25 donation is made toward For The Love of Jack, a local nonprofit that advocates for sick, injured, and hungry animals.

Dr. Ravin has extended his philanthropic efforts all the way to the Amazon, but his heart has strong ties within his community as evidenced through the Love and Jack, offering volunteer dental services for veterans, and more.

It’s important for every HDG patient, whether brand new or part of our family practice for years, to know that he/she will be treated as the dynamic, individual person they are with the respect and dignity deserved.

To become part of the HDG patient family, call us today at 860-524-5194, or click here to schedule a consultation.