There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your teeth are in need of fillings. It’s one of the most commonly-practiced reactive procedures in the world of dental health. And if you’re looking for the safest, most efficient implementation by the best dentist, Hartford CT has exactly what you need. Take a look at the process behind getting fillings, so you can rest assured that your tooth pain will become a thing of the past!

  1. Identifying the Need for Fillings
    It’s common knowledge that fillings are the primary use for treating cavities, often caused by mouth bacterias that feed on simple sugars. People that drink soda or eat candy have a higher risk of developing cavities, which can cause massive toothaches and pains. But for the best dentist, Hartford CT has the plan of attack you need. A dentist will be able to accurately identify if the issue is truly a cavity, and therefore in need of a filling to keep your teeth healthy and protected.
  2. Keeping the Procedure “Painless”
    Unfortunately, when it comes to getting dental procedures, there are few ways to keep the experience painless. This is where anesthesia and novocaine come in, which helps to improve the comfort as much as possible. Anesthesia is applied via mask, which helps to keep the head feeling light and ignore the pain, while novocaine is best used to keep the affected area’s gums numb. The patient is left with only some mild discomfort, which fades as the day goes on.
  3. The Different Types of Fillings
    If you’re looking to schedule an appointment with the most knowledgeable and overall best dentist, Hartford CT knows of the two primary types of fillings. The most popular filling type is an amalgam, which has been used for almost two full centuries. The metals found in the amalgam quickly form a strong bond to your affected teeth. The second filling is a composite resin, which hardens to look more like a regular tooth and the preferred choice of Hospital Dental Group. Discuss the types of benefits of both with your dental professional!
  4. The General Filling Process
    The process of getting your cavities filled is a fairly simplistic one, so it’s nothing to fret over! First, the dental professional applies a form of painkiller that’s best suited for the procedure. Once that sets in, the dentist works to remove the tooth decay and clear out the area. Finally, the emptied cavity is filled with either amalgam or composite, making your tooth whole again!

Tackle those cavities with the greatest dentist in Hartford, CT. Call 860-524-5194 today to schedule an appointment.


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