You feel like you may have a cavity, and you’re ready to find a new dentist. It’s important to find a dentist that fits your needs, but what about your significant other, or your children’s needs? Having the best family dentist in Hartford, CT can save both time and energy, and helps to keep you organized by having a single contact point. Here are a few factors to consider when you’re seeking out a new dental professional for the whole family.

  1. Works with a Full Range of Ages (and Backgrounds)
    The best family dentist in Hartford, CT should have a practice that allows for children of all ages to be seen and cared for. Whether you have an infant, a toddler or a teen, the dental professional’s scape of knowledge should be vast, knowing the timelines of baby teeth to permanent teeth and how transitions can affect a child’s mouth. It also helps when a dentist is available to work on patients with special needs. Having the patience, sensitivity and kindness to help children of all ages and backgrounds goes a long way!
  2. Provides a Great Dental Education
    How much do you know about what goes on with your teeth and gums throughout the years? Having the best dentist in Hartford, CT for families means that you’ll be provided with the knowledge and tools to address small dental issues like important basic hygiene information. Dentists at the Hospital Dental Group are ready and willing to teach your entire family during each session, discussing the reasons behind why cavities might appear, or the importance of daily brushing, and other good-to-know facts!
  3. Expansive Offering of Services
    Your family deserves to have the opportunity of receiving specific services that match their needs. Whether it’s as simple as filling a cavity, or a more intensive procedure like a root canal, your dentist should be available to handle whichever mouth-related issues may arise. Hospital Dental Group provides a litany of services that can benefit your household, including crowns, bridges, mouth guards and TMJ treatment.
  4. Great Bedside Manner
    Above all else, when it comes to helping your children, the best family dentist in Hartford, CT has a great bedside manner. Children, along with many adults, tend to have a fear of going to the dentist. But with the right professional to ease those tensions and worries, the dread of the visit becomes a thing of the past. Our dental experts know how to connect with patients, and do their best to keep each procedure and inspection as light and easygoing as possible.

Looking to book your first appointment for your family? Give us a call for the best family dentists in Hartford, CT at the Hospital Dental Group, and we’ll be ready to pencil you in!


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