Why Might A Root Canal or Extraction Dental Surgery Need to be Performed?

At Hospital Dental Group we do all that we can to ensure a safe, comfortable, and rapid recovery process for dental surgery. This means practicing the most advanced approaches in oral surgery, utilizing the most innovative tools. If it’s determined that you need a root canal or extraction, you can be confident knowing that Dr. Anatoliy Ravin has extensive experience performing dental surgery and will make sure you are informed from beginning to end, including providing you the best post-surgery suggestions for a quick recovery with minimal pain.

dental surgeryEven the most consistent positive oral hygiene habits can’t keep everyone immune to certain dental issues. When an individual experiences a deep cavity; damage to the surrounding tissues, or a crack, fracture, or injury of a tooth (or teeth) the result can lead to infection. Once infection occurs the risk of an abscess forming inside the tooth and/or bone increases. For those who have experienced an abscessed tooth, they recognize all too well, the pain and swelling often a byproduct of the condition.

In an attempt to save your tooth and eliminate your pain as swiftly as possible, Dr. Ravin may suggest a root canal.

In the event that a tooth simply has undergone too much damage, Dr. Ravin will most likely choose to extract the tooth.

How Do Root Canals and Extractions Work?

As dental surgery goes, both a root canal and tooth extraction aren’t as terrible as they can be made out to be! Both surgeries will require anesthetics to minimize pain and discomfort. You’ll be given a numbing agent so you won’t feel a thing during the actual root canal or extraction.

Once a root canal has been performed, with Dr. Ravin ensuring that all infection has been eliminated from the damaged area, he will seal the root canal with a rubber-like material and place a temporary filling on top of the tooth. This temporary filling can be replaced once the permanent restoration is decided upon and ready to be placed.

Similarly, patients who have had a tooth extracted will have a later opportunity for a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. Although the restoration process can take a few months, HDG is proud to boast a 95% success rate in securing crowns to an implant root!

For both root canals and extractions, Dr. Ravin will provide full post dental surgery guidelines to ensure a safe, effective, and rapid recovery. This will include what medications or antibiotics (if needed) and what foods and drinks are off limits until full healing has taken place.

If you’re concerned that you may be in need of dental surgery, don’t worry, contact us instead, 860-524-5194! Our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable HDG staff is here to help.