The appeal of a family dentist is simple. A family dentist in Hartford CT can care for your entire family’s dental needs, but that’s not all! A family dentist actually gives families back the rare commodity of time. A family dentist can’t turn the clock back, but it literally brings families together even if it’s just for a dental appointment.

The busyness of our society can put a lot of pressure on parents running from one activity to the next. A family visit to the dentist can be a sneaky way of bringing families closer together.  Some of the benefits of a family dentist are flexible hours, saves time, treats patients of all ages, and provides a variety of dental services.

Consider these steps when looking for a family dental group.

  1. Consider your family’s dental needs. You want a dentist that provides preventative care, but what are some of the other needs of your family?  Do you have a teenager who needs orthodontic care? Do you have younger children that need a dentist knowledgeable in pediatric dentistry? In order to assess what you’re needing in a family dentist, sit with your family or significant other and discuss what everyone’s dental needs are.
  2. Availability.   Do the dentists hours work with your schedule of your family? Check the hours of each family dentist office you’re considering to be sure they can accommodate your family.  Can they give same day or next day appointments? Do they provide emergency services? All these are important to consider when looking for your families next dentist.
  3. Modern Technology.  You want a dentist that use the latest technology and highest quality material for your dental care needs.
  4. Comfortable Atmosphere.  When you walk into a dentist office you want to feel like you’re stepping into a calming relaxed atmosphere. If you walk in an office with uncomfortable chairs and outdated decor, it can make you question the choice you made. An office with comfortable chairs, recent reading material, and television  can make patients feel a little bit more at ease.

Your new family dentist in Hartford CT is just a phone call away. Contact Hospital Dental Group today!


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