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Start Your Best Oral Hygiene Practices Journey Today

While many people understand the importance of keeping teeth and gums healthy, what they may not realize, is that good oral hygiene can set you up for overall positive health. In fact, several common health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancers and more have been directly linked to oral hygiene. That’s why Dr. Ravin and the entire Hospital Dental Group team are dedicated to providing comprehensive oral hygiene exams and education to set you up for the best dental health practices.

Setting You Up for Success With Best Oral Hygiene Practices (and more!)

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 64.7 million adults in the U.S. have mild to severe periodontitis. As a condition that translates to poor oral hygiene and can ultimately lead to the loss of teeth, periodontitis can also, as previously mentioned, lead to other harmful health conditions. The good news – proper oral hygiene in and out of the dentist’s chair can prevent periodontitis – and it’s our job to make sure that happens!

All our HDG Hartford area dental team and hygienists have several years of education and experience in setting you up for optimum oral hygiene. Our comprehensive dental checkups include:

  • A thorough periodontal exam and treatment plan
  • Full series of digital x-rays and intra-oral photographs
  • An assessment of your dental needs and goals
  • Screening for the presence of any conditions that may affect overall health (including checking for signs of cancer)
  • Customized cleaning based on your individual needs

While we always strive to ensure your mouth and health are a number-one priority, we also provide you with all you need to continue best oral hygiene practices from home. This includes recommendations on brushing and flossing techniques; preventative oral disease approaches, and other suggestions to improve your overall oral hygiene routines to work toward overall positive health.

Keeping you on Track

Anyone who’s met Dr. Ravin and the professional, friendly HDG team knows that we’re an open book. We are here to answer any questions and offer any insights to help you achieve your dental care goals and overall positive health desires. In-line with the American Dental Association’s recommendation for six-month checkups, we’ll help you set up regular checkups for you and the entire family.

If you’re ready to set up and appointment or simply have questions regarding best oral-hygiene practices, we’d love to hear from you today! Contact us now to set up a consultation or to begin a conversation with one of our HDG team members.