Root Canals


Over the years, root canals have received a bad wrap. How many times have you heard someone you know say, “I’d rather have a root canal than (fill in the blank)?” While a root canal may not be something you look forward to, it doesn’t have to be the awful experience it has often been made out to be. In fact, root canals are considered a fairly progressive endodontic dental approach when it comes to eliminating and staving off infections. Find out why it just might be favorable for you to opt for a root canal.


Five Reasons Patients May Prefer Root Canals Over Other Options

Considering that the alternative of a root canal is having a tooth removed, it may not be that surprising that the better option is to try to first remove the infection, rather than the entire tooth. Why? We can give you five good answers. Dr. Anatoliy Ravin is experienced in performing safe and successful root canals on a routine basis. Take a look at a few circumstances that illuminate why root canals are often a more desirable and efficient means of dealing with infection surrounding the tooth area. 

  1. Missing Teeth Cause Problems
  2. Did you know that when a tooth is missing (or multiple teeth), the Root Canalsexisting teeth will attempt to compensate? As a result, not only can the remaining teeth become worn down and more susceptible to tooth decay, but there is also a greater risk of the jaw becoming misaligned.
  1. More Dental Work Down the Road
  2. Removing a tooth may seem like a simpler process to some when compared to receiving a root canal, but as mentioned above, missing a tooth or teeth can lead to problematic issues down the road. Problems aside, many individuals explore tooth restoration options for aesthetic purposes. Dental implants, although effective and attractive, can involve several visits to the dentist to complete.
  1. More Dental Work = More Money Spent
  2. Whether the aim of dental restoration is for functional or aesthetic reasons, there is a fee that will need to be absorbed. Ultimately, root canals can save time and money.
  1. Back to Business as Usual
  2. It’s typical to experience pain and discomfort following a root canal, but most patients are able to manage pain and swelling with over the counter pain relievers. Following the explicit root canal recovery directions of Dr. Ravin will help ensure an expedient recovery, allowing you to get back to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible. 
  1. Considering Your Comfort
  2. At Hospital Dental Group, we’re dedicated to keeping you as comfortable and confident as possible in all dental experiences. During a root canal, we’ll numb the area and provide anesthetics to ensure your maximum comfort.

Once the infection has been removed from the affected tooth, Dr. Ravin will have patients return to receive a permanent crown to safeguard the tooth from any further damage.


No Need to Worry—About Anything!

Dr. Ravin is a practiced, skilled and friendly dental expert who not only enjoys helping patients obtain their dental goals, but also seeks to form lasting relationships with his clients. Prior to scheduling a root canal, he will go over the process in full detail and provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

If you’re concerned that you may require a root canal, don’t worry! Contact us now at 860-288-8577! Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable HDG staff is here to help.